Why are your hours so different?
Not only do we provide services at our shop, we also provide services to home bound individuals that can not come to us. So we travel all around the valley. We also set up mobile foot clinics through our medical licensing at assisted living, memory car facilities and senior centers in the smaller communities that have no other way to get our services.

Why don’t you have the fancy pedicure chairs with the jets?
We do not use these because we deal with many clients that have skin and nail issues that could be contagious. We use plastic lined tubs so you always know what is clean and no risk of cross contamination. All implements, linens and towels are only used once per client, then they are thrown away (liners), washed (towels), and disinfected (implements).

Are your products diabetic friendly?
Yes, all products used during our medical based pedicures are approved for use on diabetics.  Our new products are also safe for seniors, diabetics, and individuals with auto-immune disorders.

Why do you keep a medical chart?
We provide a full foot assessment and exam for all pedicure clients. We keep medical charts in order to track any changes or problems that them and their doctors need to be aware of.

Do you take insurance?
Unfortunately, no. Insurance will not pay us. You will need to contact your insurance company directly to find out if they will reimburse you for our services.

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