At Tending Toes, the primary focus of owners Cindy Jorgensen and Amanda Reinhart is diabetic and senior nail care. Every person that calls or comes through the door is treated with the utmost care and understanding.

We are specially trained nail techs with medical backgrounds to help anyone with foot or nail issues.

This nail spa caters to our seniors, a place they can feel comfortable coming into, where there are no fumes from artificial nail services, where husbands and wives can come together, where they are not made to feel uncomfortable about foot or nail issues that other nail salons have no idea how to deal with, where they are taken care of by people who understand that as we age we have problems reaching our feet.

We offer spa or medically based pedicures as well as manicures with regular or gel polish.

Specific services include:

Corns or Calluses
We can handle almost all corn or callus issues. We give education on how to deal with them between visits, what may be the cause of them, what foot care products would work best (if any) and will also refer to local podiatrists if needed.
Many issues that seniors have are related to foot problems. It hurts to walk because of the corns, calluses, thick nails, curved nails, ill fitting shoes, etc….so they change their gait. Then their knees, hips and back pay the price. We help ease the foot and nail issues for them so they can stay active and be comfortable. We give education about proper foot care and proper shoes as well as referrals to many others in the valley that work and help seniors.

Curved or thick nails
No worries, we have special implements so we can take care of them for you. If you have fungus nails that is not an issue either. We use hospital grade disinfectants for all our metal implements and use many disposable items, there are no jetted pedicure spas here, we have easy to sit in and get out of chairs for our seniors. Their comfort and safety are our top priority.

Additional services include:

  • Senior nail care
  • Hard to cut or extremely curved nails
  • Major foot/nail problems addressed
  • Callus treatments
  • Medical-based pedicures
  • Spa pedicures
  • Foot scrubs
  • Foot and leg massages
  • Education on proper foot care
  • Referrals to podiatrist, wound care clinics, diabetic centers as needed


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