Services & Price List

Procedure Price Diabetic Price
New Client Medical Pedicure $70 $75
Return Client Medical Pedicure $60 $65
Medical Pedicure w/ Polish $10 over above listed prices $10 over above listed prices
Mini-Manicure $20 $20
Mini-Manicure w/ Polish $25 $25
Basic Manicure $50 $50
Basic Manicure w/ Gel Polish $55 $55
Nail Art $5 and up $5 and up
French Tip $10 $10
In-Home Medical Pedicures
*This service is only available to home bound individuals
Starting at $90 Starting at $95
ATTENTION: The removal of artificial nail products, including gel polish from another salon, will be an extra $20 charge.

Procedures and Price list

Procedure Price
Toenail brace system
Used to correct ingrown nails and involuted (c-shaped) nails
$70 per brace
Onyfix application
Used to correct pincer or trumpet nails
$80 per nail
Replacement of missing or damaged nails
$65 per nail
Electric file for thick nails (feet or hands) $5-$10